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About Us

A team of real estate investors and financial experts are leading Atlas Invest. In 2022, our co-founders Tal Shahar (CEO), Nir Peled (CRO), and Roni Peled (Chairman) created Atlas Invest in order to innovate the bridge loans market.

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Tal Shahar

Co-Founder & CEO

Tal, a former software developer with degrees in computer science and entrepreneurship, combines a fascination with the stock market and a passion for financial sector innovation. He co-founded Deep Insight, specializing in deep tech venture capital, and still serves as a Venture Partner.

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Eyal Hakoun


With over a decade of practical experience in product innovation, Eyal has excelled in inventing, launching, and managing consumer and business products. He spent seven years in the San Francisco Bay Area, gaining diverse perspectives.

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Issac Krispin

Director of Operations US

Senior level executive with two decades of comprehensive experience in the strategic acquisition, management and disposition of real-estate assets. Adept at analyzing market trends, conditions and negotiating contract and pricing terms to maximize returns.

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Nir Peled

Co-Founder & CRO

With a degree in Business Administration and Financing, Nir has nearly a decade of expertise in planning, financing, and managing complex real estate projects across diverse sectors. His specialization in financing is complemented by his successful execution of takeovers for defaulted investments.

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Roni Peled

Co-Founder & Chairman

As the head of a single family office, Roni has played a hands-on role in the creation of prominent properties in Israel, Europe and the US. Over four decades, he has remained active as a real estate investor and developer, with operations spanning Israel, Europe, and the United States.


Hannah Carimi

Director of Marketing

A results-driven and dynamic marketing executive, Hannah brings a strong educational background (MBA) and over a decade of global hands-on experience in brand development, marketing strategy & execution, and driving company growth. Recognized for out-of-the-box thinking, big vision, a strong eye for detail, and the ability to develop plans to achieve company business objectives.

We're a team of passionate professionals who have come together with a shared goal of revolutionizing the world of bridge loans. We believe that traditional investment processes can be made more efficient, and that's why we've created a cutting-edge platform that enables institutional investors to invest in bridge loans at scale with reduced risk.

Our platform is built on the latest technologies and provides investors unparalleled ease of use, transparency, and security. With our platform, borrowers can significantly reduce the time and cost involved in closing loans, enabling them to scale with ease.

At our core, we're committed to delivering innovative solutions that transform the way investors approach their investments. We're excited to be at the forefront of this exciting transformation in the industry. Our experts come together to build a new approach to predict risk, underwrite and monitor short-term mortgages - Frictionless all the way.

Our Team


Ksenia Kostina

UX/UI Designer

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Jack Schildkraut

Business Development

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Noa Cohen

Investor Relations

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Nathan Krohn

Underwriting Analyst


Ofir Soffer

Administrative Manager

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Roi Nizri

Full Stack Engineer


Ido Chetrit

Full Stack Engineer


Liraz Aharon

Data Engineer


Jack Reeves

Originator Team


Sharon Plotnik

QA Lead

Our Advisors

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Shlomit Harth

Tech Advisor

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Roy Yakir

Institutional Advisor

Our Investors




Mark Weissman


CANIS Capital Partners


Guy Gamzu

State of Mind Ventures


Boaz Schwartz


Eyal Kishon

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